Coconut Grove Foodway

[productive placemaking]

The Coconut Grove Foodway was a conceptual design for a large-scale intervention to integrate productive landscapes into various underutilized public and civic spaces in Coconut Grove, a historic neighborhood in Miami, FL.

This attempt was an ongoing collaboration with the City of Miami that in the end for political reasons did not bear fruit.

Omni LIFE Village

The Omni LIFE Village, in the Omni neighborhood of downtown Miami, FL, was the original conceptual design (see The Landing) to activate an empty lot in this currently desolate area.

LIFE stands for Local Integrated Food Enterprise.

The design included an urban farm, food coop, design center, retail nursery, retail spaces, event/workshop space (stage, bar, café).

Overtown Community Farm

Overtown Community Farm is the latest of several design concepts for an empty lot in one of Miami’s most economically challenged neighborhoods.

Here, Inhabit Earth hosted an urban farm for the community. It consisted of a border of perennial staple crops, several annual production areas and an edible plant nursery to support it.

The farm is operated as an incubator for various local urban producers and a local youth. 

LIFE @ Opa-Locka

LIFE @ Opa-Locka is a design/build project developed in Opa-Locka, FL., another of Miami’s economically challenged areas. LIFE stands for Local Integrated Food Enterprise, a new approach to regenerative economic development that is perfect for empty lots in the urban core.

The ecosocial aspects of the design went significantly beyond the site (urban farm, food market, cafe) and included all the operational aspects (business plan, production plan, menu, staffing, etc.) as well.

Overtown Culture Garden

The Overtown Culture Garden is a conceptual design for another empty lot in Overtown, one of Miami’s most economically challenged neighborhoods.

The design is for an event/workshop space infused with a demonstration productive landscape throughout.