Big Small Farm

[rethinking livelihood]

Earth Learning hosted a Whole Farm Design course led by Jono Neiger took place in North Florida, on site at at Big Small Farm. (a project of Leon Elt’s)

This group design that emerged was for a large-scale farm incubator ecosystem with a dozen regenerative enterprises to be operated interdependently. It was here that LIFE (Local Integrated Food Enterprise) model was emerged more centrally into a design, integrating a dozen interconnected enterprises as essential to the workings a larger farm ecosystem.

The final design above was graphically (and professionally) produced by Regenerative Design Group.

Financial Permaculture

 This Financial Permaculture Convergence was an Advanced Permaculture course delivered over 5 days and led by Jennifer English and Mario Yanez. Over 50 participants worked in four working groups design one of four key enterprises of the Farm @ Verde Gardens. Seasoned facilitated the working groups. Scholar-practitioners gave workshops in finance, alternative economics and permaculture. This is where the first iteration of the LIFE (Local Integrated Food Enterprise) model emerged.

Guara Ki Eco Farm

Yanez owned and operated Guara Ki farm for 22 years (1996-2018) a 2.5 acre tropical fruit grove in Homestead, Fl.

This design incorporated several market gardens, a farm house built from six large, partially-buried shipping containers, and many perennial growing systems.

It was designed as a space for learning from the outset. It was shaped by many people who came for one or more seasons to volunteer, especially Martine Millete, who was a regular and a force of nature.

The Culture of Agriculture

A college-level curriculum developed and delivered at the University of Miami. The Culture of Agriculture was an immersion into South Florida’s local food movement.

Description: Explore South Florida’s local food scene with Mario Yanez, ecologist, organic farmer, and local food activist. Connect with South Florida’s bounty of amazing fruits, vegetables, herbs and other food products year round.


  • Learn to eat local like a native;
  • Participate hands on various local food projects;
  • Discover Permaculture other cutting edge techniques for growing lots of food in small spaces with little effort
  • Find ways to get involved in the nascent Local Food movement; and,
  • Learn to distinguish foods that are healthy for you and for the planet…