Community Food Summit

[ecosocial gathering]

A transformational 3-day gathering of 120+ local food change-makers that gave birth to the local food movement in the Greater Everglades bioregion ( Southern Florida).

Community Foodworks

[ecosocial learning]

A deep learning experiences that offered 6-month long, paid apprenticeships to prospective food system entrepreneurs. Apprentices worked on/developed an experimental, multi-enterprise permaculture farm rotating through every aspect from growing/raising to making to selling. The result was nodal: in 3 years, 40+ people gained the capacity to awaken their truest nature and calling, to learn and care deeply –to inspire others around them to do the same.

Farmers Market

[ecosocial enterprise]

Designed and operated the first authentic farmers market experiences in the Miami area.

The Ecology of Food

[ecosocial learning]

Developed this cutting-edge course in which students where immersed in multi-modal, experiential learning. They grow and prepare their own food, study every dimension of the food system, and strive to envision a healthy local food system.


[ecosocial gathering]

A festival to celebrate Earth in the Greater Everglades (Southern Florida) that ran annually for 5 years and attracted 5,000+ people, whose main purpose was to operate in a manner that demonstrated by example, Life-sustaining practices.

Earth Learning

[ecosocial organization]

A non-for-profit organization designed as a container for emergent cultural evolution within the Greater Everglades bioregion (Southern Florida). After 2018, it was reborn as Inhabit Earth, an NGO dedicated to the work of regeneration on a global scale.