dedicated to envisioning and inspiring a transition
toward life-sustaining, regenerative human cultures…

ideas worth regenerating

bringing forth emergent, whole-systems thinking that dances on the learning edge across various fields of practice…

practicing ecosocial design from the ground up, where ecology and society meet to form mutually beneficial relationships

ecosocial design

applying productive placemaking to underutilized  spaces to grow food, fuel, fibers, feed, and “farmaceuticals”

productive placemaking

rethinking livelihoods – re-imagining how we live into our places and make a living through regenerative enterprise

rethinking livelihoods

utilizing pattern language to power regenerative platforms for planning and design that facilitate dispersal of healthy patterns everywhere 

regenerative platforms

creating a pattern language to curate a diverse set of life-sustaining practices worth replicating broadly, to all our places

pattern language OS

pattern language os




Mario Yanez is dedicated to enabling a transition toward life-sustaining, regenerative human cultures. He has an academic background in finance, information systems and ecology. He has several decades of experience applying systems thinking to unfolding cutting-edge interventions supportive of a much-needed cultural evolution. As a whole-systems designer, he is working at various scales, implementing regenerative landscapes and transformative ecosocial systems. As a scholar-practitioner, he is researching complexity and pathways toward cultivating wholeness and aliveness in human systems. Mario resides in Portugal, practices globally and is native to the Greater Everglades bioregion.

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